NISD works in the following areas:

1. Early Childhood Development: RCH, care giver’s education, nutrition awareness/ demonstration, HIV/AIDs awareness etc.

2. Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation: Awareness on hygiene, sanitation, construction of individual toilets, soak pits, new water sources, repairs of existing water sources, garbage depots, bathrooms etc.

3. Education: Efforts to improve reading writing skills, improving school infrastructure, support classes, support to poor children, school enrollment, teacher’s training, capacitating Village Education Committees etc.

4. Self Help Group: Organizing and capacitating self Help groups, more than 170 SHGs, regular training and guidance, capacity building etc..

5. Livelihood & Rehabilitation of Oustees: land leveling, small irrigation schemes, guidance to farmers, Income generation training, support to start small income generating activities etc.

6. Child labor: Efforts to bring child labor into the mainstream of education, skill development training programs, organizing youth, children’s groups and capacitate them, health check etc.

7. Safe and secure housing for the poor: Constructed/ renovate 620 houses for the bidi rollers, wage labors and dam-displaced people.

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